Grading Guide | Cavaletti Collection

Grading Guide

Please see below information on how we grade our saddle’s. It is up to you the end user to decide which one you would prefer. If however you decided to trial a graded saddle and changed your mind during the 14 days we will happily upgrade it to a new one and charge the difference.

Grade 1 – A brand new, unused Saddle

Grade 2 –  Virtually new. The saddle will show very low levels of wear. It will have been girthed up and possibly ridden in.

Grade 3 – Used. This option will have been used multiple times and show signs of wear on the saddle flaps.

Grade 4 – Heavy Used. This option will have had heavy use or possible minor damage. Although nothing to affect the soundness and function of the saddle.


If you require any further information with regards to our grading information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01922 263600.